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January 2007

New Architecture / Real Estate Laws for 2008 - Effective 1/1/2008.

State of Illinois Bans Smoking in ALL Public Places 2008 [Senate Bill 500], effective 1/1/2008. The State of Illinois now BANS SMOKING IN ALL PUBLIC PLACES -- including privately owned company work places, offices, stores, restaurants, etc.. The only exceptions are for structures that do not rely on combustion of fossil fuel for heat, ventilation or hot water.

Illinois State Buildings to Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs, 2008 - some IL State buildings will be required to switch to more energy effcient light bulbs by LAW. Lets hope this saves taxpayers money, cuts back on energy consumption, and plays some small part to improve the environment.

Renters Rights Under Foreclosure, 2008 (SB 258/P.A. 95-0262) Establishes that a tenant may stay in a rental property for 120 days (or the expiration of a term of a lease, whichever is shorter) after an order of possession in a foreclosure case against the landlord if the tenant is current on their rent. Carbon Monoxide Act 2007 [Public Act 94-741]. The State of Illinois now REQUIRES ALL RESIDENCES in Illinois MUST HAVE a Carbon Monoxide alarm within 15 feet of EVERY room used for SLEEPING. The only exceptions are for structures that do not rely on combustion of fossil fuel for heat, ventilation or hot water.

Mortgage Rescue Fraud Act 2007 [ Public Act 94-822]
Act covers distressed real estate, defined as residential property that is in foreclosure is at risk of going into foreclosure due to non-payment of property taxes. The Act will now require a written contract between the owner of the property and the "Real Estate Consultant" (i.e. predatory property buyer, my emphasis) that discloses all of the terms of the agreement. The act also provides a right to rescind (cancel) the contract up to 5 days. The Act also requires that the "Real Estate Consultant" pay the property owner AT LEAST 82 percent of the fair market value of the home, if the home owner is unable to purchase the home (back).

Read more about this at the IL Attorney General's (Lisa Madigan, IL AG) web site.

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Providing Design Solutions Which Add Investment Value

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August 2006
Architecture PODCASTS - KCRW in California Broadcasts various Talk/Interview content on Art, Culture, Architecture, New Technology & Forward Looking Design Trends. Broadcasts can be heard via Real Player Audio, MS Media Player or via Podcasts (MP3s). Interviews & Discussions are streamed live and are available for download to your iPod. Podcasting for Architecture.

Recent topics include: discussions on design/planning visionary Jane Jacobs' work and her impact on Planning/Design; the Ennis Brown House by Frank Lloyd Wright; Environmentally Friendly Smart Cars, EV cars/Auto Design; Philip Johnson Architect; Richard Meir Architect; Architecture in the Age of Fear; Design Trends for the Future; Susainable / Green & Solar Design;Industrial Design & More ! Nice selection of archived topics. Great Site!

KCRW Radio- 89.9 FM (Santa Monica, CA) -

AIA PODCASTs - Architecture PODCASTs are available through Apple's iTunes (search for topic/subject "Architecture") and through the AIA's website. More Podcasters and programs are being offered each quarter.
July 2004

New York State Bans PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Plumbing Pipe. Support is growing across the nation to ban this product (outright for ALL uses) in the United States. The City of San Francisco, CA has also banned the use of PVC plumbing pipe for its residents. Some European nations already have banned the use of PVC in building materials. PVC is used in products like vinyl siding, plumbing pipe, vinyl windows, etc.

(Source: WSTN-TV, Central New York, NBC News web site and
Read more about PVC at the site: Blue Vinyl , The Award Winning HBO Documentary on Vinyl Siding.)

Jan 2000
The State of Illinois has passed the "Home Repair and Remodeling Act"
The Act requires that Residential Property Owners receiving more than $1000 or more in Repair Services, be given a copy of the Illinois Consumers Right Acknowlegement Form BY the Contractor or Construction company performing the work. The Pamphlet outlines property Owners' rights when getting Construction & Repair work done. The pamphlet also provides procedures property owners should consider so as to avoid problems with contractors. This State requirement took effect January 2000.
Over the last five years, complaints against construction companies consistently ranks as one of the top three US Consumer Complaints (second only to complaints against Car Dealers. Source: National Assn. of Consumer Agency Administrators.)

A Copy of the Form (Adobe PDF format) can be Downloaded from Ilinois Attorney General's website. (Source: IL Attorney General web site- Lisa Madigan)

Chicago Dept. of Consumer Services Publishes Home Repair Fraud Conviction List (CDSC)-

List of Convictions (of construction contractors) stemming from violations of Chicago's Home Repair Fraud Ordinances. The CDCS Updates Conviction List every few months. (call CDSC at 312 744-9400.) The Convicted Contractor List issued in the 1st quarter of 2004 was 11 pages long! !! Chicago area consumers would be well advised to review this list before hiring any construction company/person.

You can request from the CDCS office a current list of Chicago area Contractors & Construction Companies to avoid. The Illinois Attorney Genreral's office also publishes similar notices regarding construction & repair fraud convictions (in the State of Illinois).
(Source: City of Chicago, Dept. Of Consumer Services)

2000 Construction Permit Requirements Expand - Chicago Sees More Stringent Minimums

Due to an increasing rate of Building Code & Safety Violations, municipalities like Chicago have started to enact more stringent minimum requirements for construction.
Property owners should note that Building codes set a MINIMUM standard for safety (and quality) -- not a maximum. To admit to "meeting [a building] code" is the same as stating that one is doing the least amount required by law for safety and quality. In some cases, meeting a "minimum building code standard" will not be sufficient in ensuring performance NOR safety.
The City of Chicago web site also lists Building & Zoning Code information, and guidelines on when a Building Permit is required. (See City of Chicago - Dept. of Permits & Construction/DCAP)

City of Chicago Requires ALL General Contractors Be Licensed AND Bonded (2004)-

The City Council of Chicago has passed an Ordinance that Requires ALL General Contractors (performing work in Chicago) hold a License to operate as a General Contractor. Licenses are classified by the dollar value of the Work to be performed. The Ordinance also requires General Contractors be LICENSED, INSURED and BONDED. The ordinance sets minimum amounts for insurance as well. Persons performing work in violation of this requirement can be incarcerated, fined up to $2000 and may be BANNED from doing work within the City of Chicago and/or the State of Illinois.

Residential Real Estate Developer License (2004)- The City of Chicago ALSO requires that Residential Developers have a license to operate in the City of Chicago (even for small residential improvements to a property.)  If you are considering buying a property/home from a Development company (person or corporation), be sure the Developer has the proper licenses. Or, you may find out that is only one of a several Building Dept. requirements with which the Developer has not complied.

(Source: See Chicago Dept. of Buildings, Chgo. Dept. of Revenue, City of Chicago website )

Dec 1999
GMC Bans PVC Use in its Cars, Starting with 2004 Models - Story at EcoCenter.Org
From the EcoCenter web site (Dec 1999) -

[quote] "GM attributed their switch to poor performance standards of PVC plastics - such as cracking, warping, and fading - but they are also responding to the mounting evidence concluding that there is no safe way to use PVC plastics. PVC, a highly volatile and toxic substance, is widely used in our cars, medical materials and children's toys. It has long been targeted as a hazardous risk to human health by environmentalists and health experts. GM's decision marks another hard hit to the PVC industry, as some toy companies stopped using it in children's teethers, and some medical companies have announced efforts to find alternatives to replace PVC-made blood bags.
When PVC is manufactured and discarded, a dangerous byproduct, dioxin, is produced. Dioxin accumulates in the fatty tissues of humans, and has been linked to cancer, impaired child development, infertility, and immune system damage." [end of quote]

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